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How to Eliminate Buckthorn Trees?

Link on the University of Wisconsin News site with the Buckthorn Baggie story.

Here is the Buckthorn Baggie on TV Kare 11 (click)

Here is Buckthorn Baggie in the Pioneer Press Newspaper (click) 


Getting rid of buckthorn:

To control buckthorn no longer do buckthorn busters need to wait until the fall to start the process of controlling buckthorn.  Spring and Summer, and fall is by far the best time of year to start removing buckthorn with the buckthorn baggie.  When using the cut and cover method to remove buckthorn, anytime of year is fine.  The cut and cover method is gaining attention as an effective buckthorn removal technique because no chemicals are used and several plants can be killed during the spring and into summer verses allowing buckthorn plants to grow and spread during the summer.  Using this method, the roots of the plant are not uprooted which therefore disallows new seeds from germinating which could possibly make the buckthorn invasion worse.  Leaving the plant's roots in the ground also helps control erosion.  Quite possibly the best way how to kill buckthorn.  Killing buckthorn has never been so easy and effective.

The Buckthorn Baggie is designed and manufactured specifically for the control of buckthorn but can be used on any plant that does not use rhizomes for new growth. After cutting the buckthorn plant down, the Buckthorn Baggie can be zip-tied onto the stump to kill the plant.  Controlling buckthorn with no chemicals!

Currently the Buckthorn Baggie is being used on over 12 different invasive plants.

How to kill buckthorn video links are on this site please see "the baggie" page for more info

Like Autumn Olive, Fig trees, invasive maple trees, the list goes on.

Pioneer Press Article on How to kill buckthorn

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 A "Buckthorn Removal with Buckthorn Baggie" news article was published in The Prairie Enthusiast's quarterly Prairie Promoter Newsletter.  Many people have chosen to remove buckthorn without chemicals.  Killing buckthorn is easy with this method.

Click on the 2014 fall issue :-)

Buckthorn Removal Techniques and The Baggie

Removing Buckthorn the Easy Way: 

The goal is to eradicate buckthorn plants and remove and control buckthorn plants without the use of chemicals or uprooting and disturbing ground soil with a buckthorn puller or broom which would allow more buckthorn seeds to germinate. It can be used anytime of the year for buckthorn removal. This bag can be used on other invasive plants as well that do not use root suckers to re-sprout.  Hillsides are a very common place to use the Buckthorn Baggie to help stop any erosion that would happen if the plants roots are removed.  Killing buckthorn has never been so easy without the use of chemicals.  Many groups of girl scouts have used the buckthorn baggie to remove buckthorn plants.  The boy scouts have found not using chemicals allows troops to do total buckthorn removal from start to finish.  How to kill buckthorn without chemicals has arrived.  Controlling Buckthorn and Killing Buckthorn has never been so easy!

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Best Way of Eradicating Buckthorn With No Chemicals:

Removing buckthorn with a buckthorn baggie allows many volunteer groups to do total eradication because no chemical license is needed.

Buckthorn control is needed because buckthorn plants out-compete native plants for nutrients, light, and moisture.

Buckthorn can degrade wildlife habitat areas and threatens the future of forests, wetlands, prairies, and other natural habitats. Buckthorn contributes to erosion by shading out other plants that grow on the forest floor, and serve as host to other pests, such as crown rust fungus and soybean aphid. Buckthorn also lacks "natural controls" like insects or disease that would curb its growth. How to eliminate buckthorn is an issue we can win!!! Buckthorn removal is never been this easy.

Patent Pending

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